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Tamil Nadu Hotel Association (TNHA) was organized in the year 1938 prior to the liberation of the country from colonial rule.

Prior to linguistic bifurcation of states. Area of service extended throughout the erstwhile MADRAS RESIDENCY covering the present Tamil Nadu an Andhra States, Dhakshin Kannada area of Karnataka state and Palakad – Malabar belt of Kerala state.

Registered under the Societies Act (No. 46 /1945-46).

After the linguistic bifurcation of States, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala have formed separate Associations.
The Tamil Nadu Hotels Association is the ape body of al the District hotels Associations including Chennai city functioning in the State of Tamil nadu

Registered office situate in Chennai city.  All District hotels Association are affiliated to TNHA

Objects of TNHA

The object of the Association is " SERVICE".
Advisory service to its members on supply of healthy food at competitive rates.

Service as a liaison agency between the hospitality industry, various Government Departments and the other consumer public.Ensures cordial relationship amongst the three sectors.

Service in protecting the hospitality industry from adverse legislative and taxation measures.
Service in  organizing representations to the Government in furtherance of the welfare of he food industry.
Service in maintaining cordiality and unity among members by conductng meetings ad get togethers in various parts of the state.
Service to the society at large by organizing welfare activities.
TNHA was spearheaded by the following illustrious gentlemen as its President Thiru K.T.Appana 188,1939.
Thiru V.R.Ramanatha Iyer 1940-44 and 1951-53.
Thiru Ramanatha Iyer also served as the Mayor  of Chennai City.In recoginition his services to the society , the Government of Tamil Nadu has named Spur Tank Road, a major thoroughfare in Chennai City as “Mayor Ramanathan Salai”

Thiru Jethalal Manekjee 1945-46 to 1952-53.
Thiru Basantlal Gupta 1953-54 to 1964-65.
Thiru V.Jeyaraman  1965-66 to1976-77
Thiru M.P.Purushothaman 1977-78 to 1992-93
Thiru. A.Ramadoss Rao 1992-93 to 2003-04
Thiru K. Dhamodarasamy Naidu 2004-05 to 2005-06.
Thiru. M.Ravi from 2006-07
Thiru R.Srinivasan 2007-2010
Thiru M. VENKADASUBBU, B Sc., B.L. continues to serve the association as President of Honor and Secretary